Our client located in Concord, Ontario has an immediate opening for a Health, Safety & Environmental Coordinator


  • Provide support in the identification and evaluation of risks associated with physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace and recommend changes to eliminate or control these hazards.
  • Develop clear objectives, goals, strategies and measures for integrating health, safety and the environment into the business system.
  • Promote a healthy, safe work environment and ensure opportunity for achievement of compliance to company policies and legislation related to health, safety and environmental acts or regulations at all divisions.
  • Coordinate and lead in the development of health, safety and environmental policies, programs and procedures.
  • Facilitate the exchange of health, safety and environmental related information within the organization and the divisions.
  • Research and maintain working knowledge of relevant health, safety and environmental rules and regulations.
  • Administer records and documents related to health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Provide consultative advice on health, safety and environmental issues to the organization.
  • Offer training on health, safety and environmental related topics to improve the organizations performance and comply with legislative requirements. .

Duties Health & Safety

  • Actively participate to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Joint, Health and Safety Committee activities.
  • Attend JHSC meetings and inform the committee of current issues.
  • Provide leadership to the JHSC to ensure members are at the “teaching” phase of the Health and Safety Business Plan.
  • Coordinate workplace inspections.
  • Coordinate responses to health, safety or environmental related complaints and concerns.
  • Assist supervisors in properly investigating and documenting all accidents and injuries.
  • Lead the internal WSIB claims coordination in the Return to Work Program.
  • Lead the internal WSIB claims coordination in initiating ergonomic improvements and programs.
  • Communicate information on identified hazards, precautions and required corrective actions throughout the organization.
  • Represent the organization at inspections by regulatory agencies.
  • Coordinate the annual WHMIS inventory and maintains the MSDS system.
  • Participate in the review (PSHSR and JHSC Risk Assessment) of all new equipment to assist in ensuring that health, safety and environmental conditions are met.
  • Manage budgets and resources effectively.
  • Promote specific methods to increase awareness of health, safety and environmental initiatives. (Newsletters and postings)
  • Provide to the organization information related to health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Coordinate the required occupational health testing within the organization (Air Quality and Noise Levels, etc.).
  • Promote safe work practices.
  • Review and maintain health and safety policies and procedures to ensure they are current.
  • Create and maintain Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) reports on existing equipment.
  • Ensure hazard assessments are completed and documented with the assistance of the JHSC on new and existing equipment.
  • Participate in the development of Operating Procedures to ensure the identification of health, safety and environmental hazards, associated protective devices and required PPE.
  • Coordinate the Emergency Response Plan and fire safety prevention initiatives.
  • Participate in external networking opportunities to share and gain knowledge in health, safety and environmental best practices within other organizations.

Duties Environmental

  • Manage the annual Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN) registration and payment schedule.
  • Manage the Waste Manifest Reporting.
  • Manage the annual Air Monitoring and Reporting System O. Reg. 127 and NPRI USEPA
  • Review Air Certificates of Approval annually for updates and compliance.
  • Ensure that all Environmental Audit points are practiced and improved upon to ensure overall compliance.


  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • High level experience in Microsoft applications.
  • Experience in a manufacturing environment.
  • Experience in ISO/TS management systems.
  • Post-secondary education in a related field.
  • Health & Safety professional designation is an asset.
  • Experience in project management would be an asset.
  • A certificate in adult education would be an asset.
  • Background in all associated legislative requirements such as OHSA, EPA and WSIA.
  • Experience in applying ergonomic solutions.
  • JHSC WSIB Certification II.

Please submit resumes to [email protected] including salary expectations and availability or contact Mike MacLeod @ 1 877-737-6562 extension 103.

Job Number 6468