What is a staffing service?

Halliwell Consulting specializes in matching the right people to the right jobs.  We have several recruitment methods, a network of contacts, a large variety of qualified candidates, and various assessment techniques giving us an edge that is well beyond the scope of most organization’s human resources department.

We provide permanent placement, executive recruitment and temporary services, dedicated to bringing people and companies together in a positive working relationship. We offer an array of professional services which benefit both job seekers and our clients.

Why use a staffing service?

Cost-conscious managers seek human resource solutions that will contribute to the overall success of their company.

Our Clients save on the high price of ineffective advertising. We assume this responsibility/cost, having first discussed in detail the requirements of the position including future career opportunities and other special factors.

Our Clients save valuable time that is required to screen potential candidates that generally lead to unproductive interviews. We use behavioral interviewing techniques and specific testing to evaluate skills plus conduct reference checks.

Our Clients save on exposure during the search and maintain confidentiality throughout the entire recruiting process.

Our Clients are offered a guarantee period and the pledge to create a positive solution for everyone involved. We also assume the responsibility of notifying unsuccessful candidates.

Halliwell Consulting Temporary Staffing Services

Getting experienced people on the job and producing quickly is what temporary employment is all about.

You need someone now!

We share that sense of urgency with you. Our qualified personnel will have the skills you require to get the job done.

Whatever your situation may be, a heavier than normal workload due to a seasonal peak, short/long term illnesses, maternity leave, extended absences, seasonal/summer employees,  vacations, our temporary services division will save you money and time.

Whether your project is for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, hiring temporary staff will allow you the flexibility to add and reduce staff quickly.

Your company is relieved of all the administrative burdens.

Halliwell Consulting assumes all payroll responsibilities, such as, source deductions, workers’ compensation, advertising plus other additional hiring costs. Once the project ends, we will advise the temporary worker that their assignment is complete. We then take the responsibility for all of the administrative duties, which includes, issuing the record of employment, vacation pay, severance pay and T4 slips.