Advance Processing – Simulation

Automation & Assembly Division

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop applications using computer-assisted drafting and manufacturing software and hardware for the control of robots and related manufacturing processes and operations;
  • Provide processing & engineering departments with tool location on automation lines that include robot welding, and robot material handling applications;
  • Download programs from simulation software to robot controllers;
  • Assist mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic personal by using simulation software’s to debug robot functions during the assembly stages;
  • Establish simulation standards for new studies or modifications to the simulations and programs of existing equipment;
  • Review simulations with Customer and other departments;
  • Order robot dress when not ordered with the robot;
  • Provide mechanical design with information necessary for applications that include robots and other dynamic equipment;
  • Upload programs from robot controllers to simulation software for permanent storage and future reference;
  • Oversee tasks done by other department members to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • Plan, and delegate, job tasks for other department members;
  • Communicating technical details/methods to other department members to help them perform tasks efficiently;
  • Developing new work methods to improve department performance; and
  • Incorporate robot safety functions into robotic cell designs.

Position Requirements

  • University degree in electrical/mechanical engineering or college diploma in electrical/mechanical technology;
  • Five plus (5+) years’ experience in electro-mechanical engineering (Robotics design/simulation);
  • ROBCAD and Process Simulate proficiency;
  • Experience should include familiarity with, automation that supports various robotic applications including material handling, deburring, GMAW and resistance welding, metal forming, sealer/glue, & vision; and
  • Proven and superior communication skills and the ability to work with others in a team atmosphere.

Please submit resume to george@halliwellconsulting.com